How To Start a Blog Detailed Guide

This is going to be a complete guide on how to start a blog from the start to finish.

Creating a blog is now easier than you think it is with a few clicks you have your own with the help of popular CMS (Content Management System) WordPress you don’t need coding experience.

To create a blog you need mainly two things:

One: A Domain Name (a web address)

This is the address that people type in the browser to find your blog, now to register your own domain name there are registrars that offer this service at about ($2 – $9) per year registration and the most recommended registrar is Namecheap

Two: A Web Hosting

a web hosting is service that hosts your blog files on the high speed connected servers that are always on, this unsure your blog is accessible all the time, this is a service like any other service costs money.


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